Banner advertising is one of the most effective yet frequently overlooked online advertising mediums.

Coupled with the right strategy, banner advertising can transform any struggling local business into a profit producing machine.

In this post, I will share a little know and even lesser used strategy you can use immediately to collect high quality leads for a fraction of what your competition is pay AND acquire more customers than your competitors.

Let’s dive in.

Educated Customers are Over 700% More Likely to Buy From a Provider Connected to the Education Material

It makes sense.

Say you’re reading a Wall Street Journal about solar roof shingles. In the article, the journalist hits on the key benefits of solar.

  • Zero pollution
  • Energy producing
  • Environment Saving

As you reach the end of the article, you see a banner like this:

Statistics show us, you are nearly 8 times more likely to buy what this company is offering.

See this actual article found on

Think about the opportunities here for local solar installers or solar panel manufacturers.

But let’s not stop there.

We want our banner ad to show on any online article that could attract a customer of our service.

To expand the sites we can advertise on, just visit and enter a search term your customer’s use to find your services.

Click on the news results and explore the top results for opportunities. If ads are being shown on the news site, there’s a good chance you can place your banners on there as well.