October 7


The Ultimate YouTube Ads Checklist: A Simple Guide for Grabbing Attention and Exploding Sales Using YouTube Ads

Hey, Patrick Kenney here, I want to share my battled-tested checklist for creating YouTube Ads that grab attention, get the customer, and explode sales with zero tech overwhelm.

I’m holding nothing back, but first a warning. This information is powerful. Please only use it for good.


Each year, business owners face increasingly complex systems and platforms. Automation, pixels, bots, re-marketing, bumpers, heat-maps, dynamic content, artificial intelligence….it’s endless.

And when it comes to YouTube Ads, the untrained user might as well be reading circuit blueprints for the iPhone 11. With all its widgets, gadgets and “tech geeky” options, YouTube ads are complex and intimidating at first glance. Tech overwhelm often turns to inaction and missed opportunities. It’s not surprising when you consider the ad platform releases 400 updates on average per year.

The way to combat this tech overwhelm is by simplifying the process. Focus on the minimum number of actions required to launch a successful ad campaign. That means following a proven system and sequence of steps. Complex does not have to equal difficult.

Like a seasoned chess player, let me break down the minimum number of board moves required for you to win the game that is YouTube ads. This guide is the culmination of years of trial, error, head-banging moments, campaign successes and campaign failures. It’s the EXACT steps I use with every YouTube ad launch, guaranteeing success 99 out of 100 times.

I challenge you to consume and implement.

Less than 10% of business owners are leveraging YouTube Ads effectively.

Consider this opportunity knocking.

In this guide, we’ll cover…

But first, a quick story…

I was equally nervous and excited.

The auditorium was comfortably cool, but stage lights were already triggering beads of sweat.

Students shuffled in and took their seats like prison inmates corralled against their will.

The room was void of energy. God knows what coma-inducing topics are droned on in this room daily.

Several weeks prior, a marketing professor at the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business invited me to speak on the topic of digital marketing in the real world.

I was honored…and a little amused.

Upon hearing the news, my wife and I enjoyed a chuckle. It’s not every day a Computer Science major (from the same university) is asked to speak on the topic of marketing to third and fourth-year marketing majors. Gotta love life’s little ironies.

The doors closed as I’m given the green light to begin my presentation. I roll my first slide and asked a simple question.

“Who wants to make $10K per month starting next month?”

Heads snap from laptop screens, phones flip down, and hands fly in the air.

I had their attention.


Every student is engaged and interactive throughout my talk.

The room is electric.

120 slides and 90 minutes later the questions are rolling in. Even the professor is asking me questions about my slides and campaign results.

The audience is hungry…practically starving for this information.

Realizing we are out of time, the professor reluctantly curbs the Q&A.

We exit the auditorium a slow, congested mob. Half a dozen students tag along peppering me with question after question as I shuffle to the parking garage.

With the last question finally answered, I close my car door. Starting the engine, I give myself a mental high five.

I had just perfectly demonstrated how to present a great offer to a hungry audience.


What college kid wouldn’t want to make $10K per month BEFORE graduating?

And that’s what this whole marketing game is about, presenting relevant offers to hungry starving audiences.

What I’ve compiled in this guide is everything you need to successfully present relevant offers to a starving audience using YouTube Ads.

The rules are simple.

  1. You MUST have a great offer.
  2. You MUST have creative that accurately presents the offer.
  3. You MUST know your audience.

Let’s dig in.


1. Offer Optimization

80% of success with YouTube ads boils down to creative and relevancy.

Offers vs. Products

Presenting a nice watch on video will get you sales. Product-based creative does work. However, presenting creative that conveys what the watch will do for the purchaser plus add-ons to enhance its usage transforms a commoditized watch into an irresistible offer.

Offer-based creative outperforms product-based creative 10 to 1 on average.

Desire-Based Offers vs. Interest-Based Offers

A gym membership is interesting. Looking great naked is desired.
A cheap oil change is interesting. A reliable vehicle that will last for years is desired.
An in-ground pool is interesting. A backyard oasis full of family and friends enjoying every summer weekend together is desired.

Desire-based offers over interest-based offers, always.

Pro Tip – Watch old QVC commercial for examples of products being turned into offers.


2. YouTube Creative

There are endless options for creative when it comes to video.

Overwhelm and analysis paralysis are the enemies of done. Keeping initial video content simple dramatically increases your chances of overall success.

Here are examples you can run with to get traction with your first or next YouTube ads campaign.

The 5 Second Hook – “If you’re a [ideal customer] who would like to [yay] without [boo], this will be the most important message you’ll see all day. Here’s why…..”

5.1 Video Method – Record separate intros for each audience target and splice them with a single “meat” offer/content video. Intros general, channel-specific, topic-specific, keyword specific, situational specific and one “meat” content to pair with each intro.

5 videos in total.

This takes a bit of work, but the results can be incredible.

      1. Record your first intro – “Hey, it’s Patrick Kenney. If you’re an info marketer who would like to scale sales fast, this will be the most important message you’ll see all day. Here’s why….”
      2. Record the “meat” content – “the problem is, Facebook Ads and other social ad platforms are problematic. They’re like a Ferrari on a 200-yard long highway. You can get going fast, but you run out of road just as fast. The solution is YouTube ads. It’s like an SR71 Blackbird. It takes a little bit to get off the ground, but then the sky is literally the limit……..”, etc.
      3. Record channel-specific intro – “Hey it’s Patrick Kenney and before you watch another Gary Vee video, I have something extremely important to share with you…”
      4. Record topic-specific intro – “Hey, it’s Patrick Kenney and before you watch another Facebook Ads tutorial, you’ll want to see this….”
      5. Record keyword specific intro – “Hey, it’s Patrick Kenney and if you’re using Twitter ads….”
      6. Record situation-specific intro – “Hey, it’s Patrick Kenney and if you’re struggling to maintain a healthy return on ad spend, this will be the most important message you’ll see all day…”

Pro Tip – Wear the same outfit and do these in the same sitting. A perfectly executed 5.1 video method can be completed in 60 minutes or less.

First Timer Video Full Script Example:

“A reputation can be a good thing…if you have one for being the life of the party.

It’s not so good when it’s for snoring.

In fact, it can be downright deadly.

That’s why if you snore, you’re going to want to listen up.

While snoring may not seem like a big deal, it’s a symptom of a disease called sleep apnea…and crazily enough, sleep apnea is a very serious and potentially fatal disease. People with sleep apnea stop and start breathing hundreds of times during the night…because this depletes their brains of precious oxygen, they rarely feel like they got a good night’s sleep and they often walk around in a mental fog. It’s a symptom of a disease called sleep apnea…and crazily enough, sleep apnea is a very serious and potentially fatal disease.

While on its own this would be bad enough, the news gets worse.

Sleep apnea can also cause or worsen high blood pressure…heart disease…strokes…diabetes…liver problems…dementia…cancer…and depression.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

At Safer Sleep, we offer an extremely accurate home diagnostic tool for sleep apnea. This small, painless device measures airflow, heart rate, and oxygen levels, so we can determine whether you stop and start breathing while you’re asleep. Simply wear the device overnight, return it to our office the next day, and our board-certified sleep physicians will evaluate the results. If you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, they’ll recommend one of our comfortable and effective treatment options, which are usually covered by insurance.

Don’t ignore your snoring any longer—it could be deadly.

Instead, schedule a sleep consultation with Safer Sleep today by visiting SaferSleep.com or by calling 555.555.5555. In no time, we’ll help you get a good night’s rest.”

Pro Tip – Talking head videos convert like crazy. Be natural and talk to the camera like you would another person.

Simple Formulas

3H – Here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it does, here’s how to get it.

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

POSER – Promise, Obstacle, Solution, Example, Reach

Bumper – 7 Second video to “bump” an action – “Still interested in diversifying your PPC strategy?

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3. Tech/Backend

These recommendations are all software I have used or currently use. I’ve vetted them each thoroughly.

Pro Tip – do not use WordPress pages for campaign landing pages. I recommend using hosted landers on Convertri for load speeds and ease of management.


4. Training the AI

The name of the game with artificial intelligence is data training. Google has made the process straight forward, just not very intuitive.

If you’re using Google Analytics, feeding your account AI relevant data about your past visitors and customers is pretty